If you have your vacation in Siquijor Island, might as well make the most of it by visiting the neighboring island, the Apo Island. From Siquijor, some resorts offer a trip to Apo Island.

Apo Island is a volcanic island located 30km off the coast of the south-east tip of Negros Island in the Philippines. Notorious for its dive sites and snorkeling, an Apo Island Tour is not to be missed!

This tiny 12-hectare volcanic island, with its one beachfront village, is known for having some of the best diving and snorkelling in the Philippines thanks to a vigorously defended community-run protected marine sanctuary established in 1985. There are 400 species of coral (one side of the island's reef was severely damaged by a typhoon) and 650 species of fish, including five types of clownfish and green-sea and hawksbill turtles. You'll also find gorgeous white coral-sand beaches, some fine short walks, a friendly island community and excellent views back to Negros, crowned by Mt Talinis.

The Apo Island Tour is an entire day of snorkeling with sea turtles, reef fish, sea snakes and hundreds of colorful corals. There are also a few small mountain peaks on Apo Island that you can hike.

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