Balete is part the ficus or fig tree family that grows in the Philippines. It known as 'strangler figs' for these trees grow beside other trees and later on strangling them until they kill the tree host.

Century Old Balete Tree is located on the South Coast of Siquijor, around a 30 minute drive from San Juan.

The tree stands at 8 meters up to 20 meters high with adventitious roots from its branches and trunk.

Balete Trees are known to be the house for mysterious and mythical creatures at night. Some folk stories say that these creatures do their rituals in front of the trees as sign of worship or thanksgiving for home and protection. Creatures like (dwende) elves, (tikbalang) horse demons, and (diwata) fairies are some of the said mythical creatures that live in the Balete Trees.

What makes it really mystical is that a natural spring flows right underneath the tress. Locals do not know where and why water flows but all they know is that it is clean and safe. The cold spring water flows from the tree to the man-made pool where fishes swim around.

If you find the need for a quick foot spa, just dip your feet directly in and the fish will nibble around your feet for unwanted skin.

This tourist destination is free and is open to all, however, all are encouraged to donate for the maintenance of the place.

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