In Cabilao village in Larena town, you'll find this stunning butterfly sanctuary that is worth a quick visit. With a 200 square meter habitat, you can interact with and observe over 20 species of butterflies. You will see them in every stage of life from caterpillar to pupa and beyond.

Siquijor Butterfly Sanctuary serves as an educational conservation center that teaches school children about biodiversity and how to preserve it. Your entrance fee is going towards a great cause.

Observe and inspect a variety of colorful butterflies and dragonflies at Siquijor Butterfly Sanctuary. The ecologically minded facility raises species collected from the immediate area, Asia, and the rest of the world, with a view to release them into the wild.

Here you can see each stage of this creature's fascinating life cycle, from vibrant and alien looking caterpillars, through a range of pupae, to the final majestic finished product (including the huge Attacus Atlas moth). You can buy moderately priced snacks and refreshments on site.

The entrance fee for the butterfly garden is 100 pesos. And there is a donation box.

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