Guiwanon Spring Park is a popular destination in the island of Siquijor. It is located at Luyang, Siquijor. It is a mangrove preservation and protection area that is managed by the fisherfolks and environment organization in this community. They were able to construct this spring park and start a mangrove seedlings bank that they sell to encourage other fisherfolks to conserve and preserve the coastal area by planting mangrove trees. This coastal area is fed by spring water that gushes from the roots of surrounding trees located along the road. The spring water joins the sea water.

Once you enter the park, you'll see that the suspended path is built from wood and bamboo. You'll walk on a bridge built on stilts and all around you will be the mangrove forest.

Mangroves are a type of coastal vegetation. They look like small trees growing out of the water. The mangroves are salt-tolerating trees and they play a vital role in the ecosystem. Mangroves protect the shorelines from storms but most importantly, they serve as a nursery for fish. Although there are several places where you can see mangrove forests around Siquijor, Guiwanon Spring Park is the only place where you can get very close to them.

The reception cum office area, as well as the rest of the cottages, are held by several stilts or posts that are made of wood and bamboo.

A few meters from the office are native-designed cottages that can be rented for an overnight stay. As you continue the walk, the bridge will lead you to the seminar hall that can accommodate from 30-40 people.

An entrance fee is requested by the staff manning the reception area in order to help the organization maintain the place. It costs 10 PHP per person to enter Guiwanon Spring Park. Children under 7 years have free entrance. Renting a cottage for 24 hours costs 250 PHP.

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