Located further down south from Maria town and just before the town of Lazi, secluded Kagusuan has often been described as a deserted beach. Getting here is a bit tricky, as there are no road signs to guide the first-time visitor. It is located off the main highway, the last stretch of road is not paved and barely wide enough for even a tricycle. There is a paved parking area for vehicles and a series of concrete steps from there will take you down to the beach.

With its rock formations, long stretch of white sand, turquoise waters and nary a resort or even a hut in sight, Kagusuan is perfect for moments of solitude. The crystal-clear waters also make it ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

Kagusuan Beach's sand is part rough corals, pebbles and fine white sand. The water is aquamarine blue even if it's the habagat (south west monsoon) season and the waves slamming the shore's quite strong.

But what sets this beach apart from the others in Siquijor are the numerous giant coral boulders littering the beach, some reaching more than 10 feet high and overgrown with vegetation and gnarly trees.

Kagusuan Beach is an idyllic destination for those who want a tropical getaway. It has a rough and charming appeal with its powdery sand, rock formations, and even its rough seas (depending on the season).

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