Kanheron Ranch is a western designed tourist spot located at Siquijor Circumferential Road. It has an open space hall filled with western architectural pieces that would definitely let you feel the wild west on the first time you stepped in the door, it also has a wine room with different imported wine being displayed and a bar with hard drinks such as scotch, whiskey, rum, etc.

A poolside with a panoramic sea view is also an attraction to the place with the displays of road runners hyping up the adventurous side of yours, and to complete the vibe you can rent a cowboy boots for only 10 pesos.

Owned by a Filipino-American couple who have a deep love of the wild wild west days, Kanheron Ranch transports you to the old frontier with buck heads on the walls, cow hide couches, log cabin vaulted ceilings and just about everything else you'd expect to see in an old western movie.

You can pop in on your own and enjoy the sights of cowboy hats, boots, and belt buckles all around. Or if you'd like a tour of the museum featuring western artifacts, take the hour-long expedition where a guide will usher you from case to case.

Because the owners prefer to share their passion with everyone, they only asks 50 PHP for the entrance.

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