Lagaan Falls is located in Tignao, Lazi. You can see the signage in the corner going in there. Though the road is somewhat cemented already but there is a portion that is rough road and it can only fit one 4-wheel vehicle.

Though Lagaan Falls is not as big as the other waterfalls of Siquijor, at the same time, it is less crowded that makes it a great peaceful hideout for travelers. The waterfall site also has a natural slide and a rope swing. Plunging into the turquoise blue water is itself is a fun thing to do at Lagaan Falls. There is also a small climb-through along with several caves.

There is a small tour desk at the entrance to Lagaan Waterfall where you'll first have to pay the entrance fee. From here, it takes around 15-minutes to walk along a dirt trail underneath a dense rainforest canopy to reach Lagaan Falls.

The first level of Lagaan Falls features a large natural swimming hole and with rope swings, small caves, rock jumps and a wide set of falls.

On a nice day, it's a great spot to hang out and go swimming under the falls to cool off and swinging from the rope swing is a lot of fun too!

Follow the jungle trail upstream to where you will find small freshwater rock pools and natural jacuzzis.

There's plenty of tables, hammocks and chill-out spaces around the edges of Lagaan Falls Siquijor to set down your belongings before going for a dip. There's also a make-shift change room for visitors.

The entry ticket of Lagaan Falls is just for 50 pesos. However, if you are on your bike, you have to 10 pesos extra for parking.

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