Luganson Falls is located on the South West side of Siquijor, around a 20 minute drive from San Juan. It takes around 15-minutes to walk along a dirt trail through the forest to reach Lugnason Falls.

Lugnason Falls features a 5 meter waterfall and a large spring filled with blue water. This is a great spot to hang out and go swimming under the falls to cool off. For the thrill-seekers, jumping from the top of the falls into the catch basin below is a lot of fun too!

The lush jungle that surrounds Lugnason Falls is what makes this place so tranquil. The water is fresh and clean.

You can climb the side of the falls and jump from the top. Run and cliff jump from the side. Or even use the rope swing and practise your backflips like the locals.

If you're coming from the beach Lugnason falls is the perfect place to cool down. The basin is very swim-able, with waters very cool, clear and blue. It's around 5-6 ft. deep but gets deeper in the middle. Locals would climb up the limestone walls and jump.

You could also take your lunch here. There are tables and small cottages available for groups. Take note that there are not stores or restaurants available in the area. Bring your own packed lunch or snacks.

If you're looking for a sweet spot to kill an hour or so then Lugnason Falls is great. It's actually part of a small trail of several waterfalls in the same forest, known as Zodiac Falls.

Don't end the adventure here as there are more unique spots to be found in the same valley as Lugnason Falls. Follow the jungle trail downstream to where you will find man-made aqua ducts and an epic cold spring perfect for swimming!

The Lugnason Falls entrance fee is FREE though you may be asked to pay a small parking fee of 10 pesos.

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