A comprehensive collection of sea shells, corals, and crabs of every shape, size and species- Marelle's Underwater World Museum is an educational and fascinating.

At Marelle's Underwater World Museum, you'll find exhibits that speak to the fishing culture here in Siquijor like catamaran fishing boats, fishing nets, graphs, charts, and maps.

There is also a vast array of botanicals and nesting butterflies.

This is also one of the best spots to buy creative and unique souvenirs. They've got lots of "Siquijor" themed shells that have been turned into magnets, key chains, and trinkets.

Marelle's Museum contains a world class collection of seashells and marine life, all from the waters of the Philippines. Also included is educational exhibits and a colorful collection of worldwide marine life stamps adorning the walls.

There is also Marelle's family dining, specializing in fine seafood cuisine, where you can dine under shaded veranda or romantically under the stars.

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