Located at the center of the island of Siquijor, the park's highest peak rises at 557 feet above sea level. The park which covers an entire area of the former Siquijor Reforestation Project, is home to numerous endemic fauna and flora. Other attractions include a shrine of the Lady of Lourdes, The Way of the Cross, five natural springs, caves and butterfly sanctuary.

Towering above the plains of Siquijor is the majestic Mount Bandilaan, the highest peak in the province which can be found in its midst. Rising up to 170 meters above sea level totaling 425 meters high, Mount Bandilaan provides many opportunities of exploration such as cave spelunking, nature trekking and mountain climbing. The mountain springs and rivers found in the base and nearby terrain of Mount Bandilaan are also among its main attractions.

The entire park is surrounded by a healthy vegetable garden thus the air is distinctly crisp and clean. There is a viewing tower at an elevated portion of the park which gives you a good vantage point of all the surrounding barangays and towns – a wonderful view of Siquijor.

Also found at the foot of Mount Bandilaan Natural Park are an array of potions and oils, healing amulets, charms, necklaces and what not — claiming to protect you from the evil spirits. These products made by Siquijor’s famous healers and have been processed in their own secret rituals.

Along the pathways, you can also find a sari-sari store or two which offers a cold soft drink and some light biscuits for the hikers.

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