St. Francis of Asisi Church is prominently known as the “Siquijor Church.” Everyone coming in and out of the island will actually passed by the church since it is just a few meters away from the port of Siquijor.

The parish was founded in 1783. During that time, the church was a simple structure built in nipa hut. The colonial-era church was completed in 1831 where it is mostly made up of coral stones.

The church used to have a nipa roof which has now been converted into a tin one. Behind the simple facade of the church you will find the basic cruciform plan of the modest church. The décor inside is very minimal, mostly white ceiling with old antique lamps hanging, some religious icons and the original yellow floor tiles give this church a special combination of soberness and almost a rural charm.

Like most old churches the adobe bell tower is placed a little separated from the church building. In the old days, bell towers also acted as watch towers, so invaders could be easily spotted from afar.

The St. Francis de Assisi church bell tower is build on a small hill facing the well hidden convent. The convent also served as a sanctuary for the local people during an enemy raid.

To visit the convent one needs permission from the school guard and the office inside the convent. It is not a touristic hot spot but worth a visit. Enormous beams show ancient craftsmanship and the convent holds some historical features that are a must see for history lovers, like the huge plaque above the entrance, the balconies and the clearly visible beams that keep up the second floor of the building.

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