The Saint Isidore de Labrador Parish and Convent in Lazi, Siquijor are reminiscent of the old Spanish settlement in the province. Constructed by Augustinian Recollects, the Baroque church was established in 1857. The convent, one of the oldest and biggest in the country was erected in 1887.

The Neo-classical styled San Isisdro church and neighbouring convent are iconic structures on Siquijor and well worth a visit. They hark back to an era of Spanish influence during the waning years of the 300-year-old empire (the Spanish ceded from the Philippines in 1899).

San Isisdro church was a 2 year project started in 1882 with the bell tower completed in 1885.

The church is a magnificent rectangular solid structure constructed out of 1 metre thick limestone blocks that would not be out of place in a mid sized Spanish town.

The main congregational area has an impressively high ceiling and herring-bone wooden floors and although somewhat in need of restoration you can just imagine how incredible this building would have looked in the late 1800’s set on a bluff above a bustling port among small wooden houses typical of that era.

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