How to get to Salagoong Beach Siquijor

Salagdoong Beach is located on the Eastern Side of Siquijor, it belongs to Maria Municipality, around a 30 minute drive from Cambugahay Falls and an hour from Paliton Beach (San Juan).

The best way to get around Siquijor is to rent scooters for around ₱350 per day and explore the island by yourself. If you're not confident on scooters there are always locals hanging around on trikes, just make sure to check the tricycle fees before you ride.

Salagdoong Beach Siquijor is easy to find via google maps or by following road signs. Once you hit the paved road through the Salagdoong Forest you're almost there, a security checkpoint will be waiting for you in the main gate.

What to expect at Salagdoong Beach Siquijor

Slide and cliff jumping is the common tourist attraction in Salagdoong Beach.

Aside from the beautiful beach and resort that can be found at Salagdoong Beach Siquijor, the majority of tourists head to fling themselves off of ledges at up to 35 feet. There is also a smaller 20 foot jump and an awesome slide running straight into the ocean!

The beach however is a much more relaxed scene, where you can really take in the atmosphere of the remote Philippines island.

Many people head to Salagdoong Beach simply for the snorkeling and diving. You can rent snorkeling gear such as mask and fins in the place.

Salagdoong Beach Siquijor Entrance Fee

Adult – ₱30
Parking – ₱20
Beach Huts – ₱200

There is a small restaurant serving food on site. All items on the menu, from noodles to rice and curry, are around 200 Pesos.

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