Sky Dive

welcome to The Skydiving Center!

SKYDIVE CEBU ADVENTURES – SKYDIVE GREATER INC., The only USPA (United States Parachute Association) Member dropzone in the Philippines. A place to do Tandem Skydive and become a licensed skydiver with certified/professional Tandem and AFF (accelerated freefall) Instructors. Accept nothing less when doing Skydiving in the Philippines.

They have two location as of the moment – Skydive Greater Cebu located in Santa fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu and Skydive Greater Siquijor in Siquijor, Siquijor.

The fleet of airplanes are leased to Southern Air Flight Services Inc. including its maintenance and operation.

The gears and all skydiving equipments are leased to Skydive Greater.

Nothing beats the rush you get from throwing yourself out of a soaring plane! After your first jump, you'll be hooked.

A Tandem Skydive is a fun, safe way to experience the thrill of skydiving!

Skydive Greater Cebu offers a personalized experience in a relaxed environment with the best Tandem Instructors in the industry. A Tandem Skydive involves a student harnessed to a Tandem Instructor. The team is not only dedicated to giving you the thrill of a lifetime, but strive to teach you the basic fundamentals of skydiving (exiting the plane, free fall, piloting the canopy, and landing).

Your Tandem Skydive Includes:

  • A brief instructional class -A single Tandem Skydive harnessed to one of the professional Tandem Instructors
  • Hand cam captured photos and videos (raw copies) please bring at-least 4GB of storage device (USB)
  • Enjoy a beautiful canopy descent overlooking the breath taking view of Bantayan Island.

Things to know for your first Tandem Skydive:

  • Your first Tandem Skydive will be a breeze! -Skydive Greater Cebu will supply the most up-to-date Tandem Equipment
  • You will receive personal instruction using the most modern training techniques available
  • All of the Tandem Instructors are certified by the United States Parachute Association (USPA).
  • There is a 250lb weight limit -Please wear comfortable clothing and a good pair of shoes here.

Drop Zone rules

You will be required to produce your License and Log Book and undertake refresher training if you have exceeded the allowable time period since your last jump. They accept any License and membership of your home country as long as issued by an FAI (Federation Aeronautique International) contracting country or state.

  • AAD is required
  • Reserve re-pack cycle is 6 months
  • No cameras allowed until you have 200 jumps
  • No Tandem student mounted cameras
  • Wind limit for non-licensed jumpers is 14 Mph
  • Minimum deployment altitude is 2,500 feet
  • Drop Zone rental gear and mandatory gear check
  • No spiralling below 1,000 feet
  • No fun jumpers following Tandem Jumps

Learn to Skydive

  • Tandem level 1 (includes video and pics): 19,000 Php
  • Tandem level 2 (includes video and pics): 16,500 Php
  • USPA First Jump Course: 5,000 Php
  • AFF Cat C1 (hover): 10,500 Php
  • AFF Cat C2 (legs and hover): 10,500 Php
  • AFF Cat D1 (90 deg. turns and heading): 10,500 Php
  • AFF Cat D2 (180 & 360 deg. turns and heading): 10,500 Php
  • AFF Cat E1 (solo exit and front, back flips): 10,500 Php
  • AFF Cat E2 (solo exits and barrel rolls) this jump can usually be combined with Cat E1: 10,500 Php
  • AFF Cat F1 (tracking and forward movement): 10,500 Php
  • AFF Cat F2 (5,500ft hop and pop): 9,000 Php
  • AFF Cat F3 (3,500ft hop and pop): 9,000 Php
  • Coach Jumps: 9,750 Php

Now students are cleared for solo/coach jumps until they reach 25 total skydives to achieve their USPA "A" License.

Solo jump slots and gear rental rates now apply at a cost of 6,750 Php must be sharing the load with other jumpers.