Most foreigners enter the Philippines without any Visa and they get a stamp, called a Visa Waiver, in their passports which is good for a 30 days stay. If someone wants to extend this stay, they would have to go to the nearest Immigration Office and get the extension good for another 29 days.

There is no immigration office in Siquijor so the tourists have to travel to Dumaguete for visa extension.

The Bureau of Immigration (BOI) can extend visitor visas as well as process other changes required in visa status. For visa extensions you will be required original passport and fill out a visa application form.

You can expect the authorities to keep your passport for up to 4 days till they process your application.

The cost varies depending on your visa and desired length of stay. You can expect to pay 3,130.00 Php for a 29-day extension to complete the 59 days (for non-visa required countries).
IMPORTANT: When you extend your visa keep the receipt from the BI office. You'll need it for your next extension and for your ECC.

When you are already 59 days in the Philippines and want to stay a bit longer, then your regular extension series starts. You have to show up at an office of the Bureau of Immigration at least a couple of days before your Visa Waiver expires.

Please extend 1-2 weeks before visa expires to avoid penalty. The Bureau of Immigration can be very strict in interpreting the laws. Visa violations and overstay often result in hefty penalties, prison and deportation.



Office Hours: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm (Cut-off Time 3:00 pm)

Direct Line(s): (035) 225-4401

Facsimile Numbers: (035) 225-4401

E-mail Addresses:

Office Address: Door # 8 Lu Pega Bldg., 38 Dr. V. Locsin St. Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, 6200